East, Central and Southern Africa Employers’ Organisations’ (ECSAEO) Conference

  1. Burundi

  2. Comores

  3. Kenya

  4. Madagascar

  5. Mauritius

  6. Rwanda

  7. Seychelles

  8. Tanzania

  9. Tanzania Zanzibar

  10. Uganda

  11. Angola 

  12. Cameroun

  13. Républicaique Centrafricaine

  14. Democratic Republic of the Congo

  15. Congo Brazzaville

  16. Tchad

17. Sao  Tome Et Principe

18. Guinée Equatoriale

19. Gabon

20. Eswatini

21. Botswana

22. Zimbabwe

23. Lesotho

24. Namibia

25. Mozambique

26. Zambia

27. South Africa

East, Central and Southern Africa Employers’ Organisations’ (ECSAEO) Conference

ECSAEO  provides a forum for the relevant actors of the sub-regions to meet annually to deliberate on, and seek solutions to, issues of concern to employers and business communities in order to foster private sector development and growth. Dedicated platforms create the enabling environment to discuss issues and strategies to accelerate and facilitate the integration of different regions towards wider economic development.

The conference will be attended by Chief Executive Officers from regional and National Employers Organization as shown to the right of the image above.

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The Employers Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM) was registered in 1963 under the Trustees Incorporation Act of Malawi as an employers’ trade association representing all subscribing employers. We have direct membership from 250 organizations, which includes 6 associations. The associations represent over 277,000 members. The primary role of ECAM is the promotoion, guidance and protection of employers' interests in labour, employment and socio-economic issues 

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Third Quarter Cost of Living Update

The basic needs basket totaled MK 264 505 in the month of June. From June to July, total expenditure for the basic needs basket further rose to MK269, 337 representing 1.82 percentage increase. The increase in the basic needs basket in the month of July is attributed to rapid increase in the prices of maize over a short period of time. In the first week of the month of July, maize prices rose up to average of MK10,000 per bag from MK8500.

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