Benefits For Members

Under the Labour Relations Act, all employers in Malawi have the right to;

  • Join and take part in lawful ECAM activities

  • Contribute to Malawi's economic growth through best employment practices

On behalf of its members, ECAM reserves the right to;

  • Perform lawful activities

  • Form or affiliate with national and/or international employers' federations

So what are your benefits?

For your business and organization, we:

  • Are the recognized conduit and voice of employers on employment laws and policies in Malawi.

  • Advocate and lobby the relevant authorities on employment and socio-economic issues.

  • Provide guidance in Industrial Relations, CBA and legal advice on all employment matters.

  • Provide secure online access to information on the labour market.

  • Help to provide advice on risk assessment of Occupational Safety and Health and claims for workers' compensation to lower members' risks and costs.

  • Facilitate relevant specialized training and clinics on human resource management principles, employment laws and workplace issues.

  • Facilitate business networking for members at national, regional and international levels.

  • Facilitate promotion, branding, and visibility for member companies.


For your employees, we:

  • Provide access to affiliation to international professional bodies and fora.

  • Negotiate discounted services offered by ECAM and/or its Partners.

For the Government and International Organizations, we:

  • Allow them to reach out to many businesses and organizations through one single entity.

  • Provide an effective collective bargaining vehicle for regulating industrial relations.

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