ECAM Training Programmes

As one of our value added services, we continue to offer tailor made workshops for employers in Malawi. Our objective is to provide the workshps that will contribute to making our member organizations and employers in Malawi competitive through promoting a sound organizational atmosphere.

We continue to draw from local consultants associated with ECAM who are seasoned practitioners in the relevant fields. Our workshops are unique because of the diverse membership we have which facilitates information sharing.

The workshops are designed to promote a proactive approach within our valued member companies rather than a reactive approach to business activity. While our fees  are reasonable and inclusive of all workshop organizational factors, we will continue to offer discounts to loyal participants.


ECAM offers workshops/trainings in the following areas;


A. Employee Relations and Management

  1. Team Building.

  2. Competence Based Human Resource Management.

  3. Strategic Management.

  4. Leadreship skills.

B. Employment and Labour Laws

  1. Employment contracts including executive contracts

  2. Discipline at the workplace

  3. Unfair dismissal

  4. Codes of conduct/ethics

  5. Best practices in industrial relations

  6. Dispute resolution protocols

  7. Managing strikes and industrial action

  8. HIV and AIDS workplace programmes

  9. Pension and retirement

C. Essentials of Occupational Saftey

  1. Risk assessment

  2. Joint health and safety committee rights and obligations

  3. Investigation protocols

  4. The components of a due diligence defence

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