Project Management and Partnerships

ECAM offers entry point and partnerships for project initiatives

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SME Services

Contract and Conditions of Service Templates, Labour Briefing (guides), Business Development Services and so much more

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Employment Services

Youth Desk, Job Matching, Career Fair and so much more

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Breakfast meetings, CEOs forum, Regional Chapters and much more

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Job Analysis, Evaluation and Grading, Drafting and review of Collective Bargaining Agreements

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Research and Information

Through Advocacy and Lobbying, ECAM publicizes some research and information which are useful to members.

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Advocacy and Lobbying

ECAM strives to improve the legal, regulatory and policy framework

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HR and Management Trainings

ECAM conducts trainings as a way of strengthening member capacity to deal with labour and employment matters.

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Legal Advice

Provision of legal advice is a paid-up service including written opinion given on the labour and employment matters.

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Industrial Relations Advice

ECAM provides Industrial Relations Advice which is one of its core functions to member organizations.

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