Employers Urged to have Sexual Harassment Workplace Policy

ECAM calls upon employers who do not have sexual harassment workplace policy to develop one to effectively curb sexual harassment in the world of work.


A statement made by ECAM Executive Director George Khaki says the absence of sexual harassment workplace policy makes it a burden and more problematic for women to report and seek justice against the coworkers or employers who sexually harass them in the workplace.


Khaki says sexual harassment negatively affects companies due to absenteeism, low productivity, low morale, and legal costs stemming from sexual harassment.


Khaki urges employers to be on the lookout and create a culture of reporting any sexual harassment and other work related violence to promote a conducive working environment for all as well as to continue complying with the labour laws to avoid claims from employees.


Khaki said employers who need the sexual harassment workplace policy should consult the association to assist them in the development of the sexual harassment workplace policy.


Employers have a wide range of references to promote workplace equality. “Right from the Constitution to the Employment Act, the Gender Equality Act, ILO Convention 190 concerning the elimination of violence and harassment in the world of work, ILO Conventions 100 and 111 on Equal Remuneration and Discrimination (Employment and Occupation).


These promote equality i.e. equal pay for work of equal value, equal opportunity and treatment, access to safety and healthy working environment, career development, a balance between work and home life, and freedom from secure harassment.

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