Intensify HIV Testing in the workplace

Employers’ Consultative Association of Malawi (ECAM) has urged employers to rise up and strengthen HIV/AIDS programs in the workplace.


This follows a recent HIV Self Testing program that Malawi Business Coalition Against AIDS (MBCA) and ECAM with support from the International Labour Organisation(ILO) conducted in Salima through a VCT@Work Initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, to allow workers, (especially men) to know their HIV status and be linked to treatment.


ECAM through a statement made by Executive Director George Khaki said the coming of other diseases should not make us forget that HIV/AIDS is still in our midst and still spreading.


‘’ We encourage employers to make deliberate efforts and allow HIV testing in the workplace as it reduces the number of people who might not have to get tested to be reached through HIV testing in the workplace”, said Khaki.


Khaki said employers benefit more from this kind of initiative because workers who are detected early and access treatment can have healthy and productive lives. This reduces employees’ absenteeism and any adverse effect on the productivity and profit of the enterprise.


Khaki added that HIV testing in the workplace reaches workers who have more difficult access to health care services, especially men working in remote or busy areas or working in shifts that are not compatible with health service hours.

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